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Productivity & Comfort

With excellent Wi-Fi connection and comfortable workstations, you can work in ease and concentration. The gentle sea breeze contributes to a relaxing working environment.

Enchanting Location

Ferragudo Dreams is located in the breathtaking Algarve, with an enchanting coastline and beautiful surroundings. The location alone offers inspiration and tranquility.

Creativity & Inspiration

The surroundings stimulate creativity and new ideas. Research shows that working remotely in such pleasant surroundings can stimulate the creative spirit.

Work Paradise on the Algarve

Where Sunrises and Success Converge

Imagine yourself at work as the sun slowly rises over the enchanting Ferragudo coastline, surrounded by the gentle sea breeze as you type on your laptop in comfort, thanks to the excellent Wi-Fi connection at all our locations.

After a productive morning, you can take a refreshing break in the crystal clear waters, enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Or take an inspiring walk after lunch to organize your thoughts and stimulate new ideas. And at the end of the week, you can celebrate your success with colleagues on the beach, drink in hand, and a breathtaking sunset in the background.

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Reviews from ‘workationers’

"Upon arrival I was surprised by the luxurious and large apartment in the complex of One2Seven with a beautiful view of the village of Ferragudo.

An inspiring, clean and nice place where I could work on plans and schedules in peace."

Daisy van Willigen

Plan tot Planning

"Been on a workation in Ferragudo/Portugal. Greatly organized by Sandra from Ferragudo Dreams. Understands what you need, is always ready and knows the region well."

Ellen Pichotte

Professionalista Netherlands

"Sandra arranged everything to perfection. From everything you notice Sandra's skills as a business manager and her passion for workations. Meanwhile she stimulates my imagination with her wonderful posts about Ferragudo. I can heartily recommend Sandra!"

Claudia Koehoorn

Jouw Transformatie

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