Workations for companies in Ferragudo, Algarve

What if working becomes a source of inspiration, work happiness is essential for satisfied and loyal employees, and remote working/work stations promote this? This leads to more energy, motivation and better results for your company.


As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure the well-being of your employees, and a workation can help. It provides space for reflection, growth, team building and work-life balance, which is attractive to potential new employees.

As a workation expert and Portugal addict I organize workations for various groups, with locations and services to suit your needs. Ferragudo Dreams offers not only an ideal workplace but also valuable connections.

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Practical information

The deductibility of a workation depends on several factors and can fall under entertainment expenses as a study trip. A workation at Ferragudo Dreams also falls under this, with a threshold of 4,700 euros and 80% deductibility for entrepreneurs. Note the maximum deduction amount of 1,500 euros for travel and accommodation expenses.

What do I offer you?

Because I live and work in Ferragudo, I have a direct line to my partners, allowing me to switch quickly and efficiently. I organize workations for companies, individuals, teams, clubs, and more. You don’t have to worry about anything; I handle all the arrangements to make your workation a success.

After your request, I will contact you to assess your wishes and requirements. Then, I will fully tailor the location and program to your preferences and take care of all the reservations. Our locations are top-quality and offer excellent workspaces with fast Wi-Fi, thanks to the fiber optic network available throughout Ferragudo. I work closely with various locations and offer numerous options.

We have accommodations for groups ranging from 1 to 16 people. Do you want to stay together in a large villa or prefer separate studios or apartments? Everything is possible. I ensure that the location perfectly matches your needs. Of course, you will receive photos of the location and a detailed quote in advance.

Ferragudo, Algarve Portugal

Our workouts take place in the beautiful, authentic town of Ferragudo. I have been coming here since 2011 and have built up a nice network, allowing me to offer you the best locations and activities. Whether you are looking for a shared villa or a separate apartment or studio, we have something for everyone: I work with some fixed locations in various places in Ferragudo (at the beach, in the village). In addition, I work with local experts and restaurants in Ferragudo to give the 'workationers' the best possible experience.

The Algarve covers the entire width of the southernmost stretch of Portugal. Although the Algarve is the most popular vacation destination within Portugal, the entire region has not yet been swallowed up by mass tourism and, certainly inland, there are still quite a few authentic villages and hamlets to be found. This also makes it very attractive for many expats and entrepreneurs to live and work here for a while. This makes the 'vibe' in this part of Portugal very pleasant. In the Algarve you can enjoy hiking, (kite)surfing, yoga and much more!

Your investment

I am of course happy to create a customized workation but we also offer packages. These can be supplemented with activities such as sport(ive) activities, a photo book, various workshops, vouchers for restaurants etc., the costs for these are calculated separately (see options in the menu). The price of a group package depends on the location and activities and is available upon request.

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Group package


  • Mapping wishes and requirements, peculiarities etc. of the participants

  • Advice for questions

  • Information leaflet with tips about Ferragudo and surroundings

  • Access to the group app

  • Luxury accommodation to stay and work

  • Transfer Faro-Ferragudo v.v.

  • 2 group activities: Dinner at Ferragudu's Terrace (tasting menu fish/seafood) or Restaurante O Velho Novo (meat/fish-typically Portuguese) Caves & Dolphins by Wildwatch Algarve, trip 2,5 uur by boat óf Paddle Board (sup)tour door Waterflow Experience, trip van 2 uur.


  • More/other activities. See options on the activities page or ask organizer

  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

  • Plane ticket

  • Travel and cancellation insurance

  • Organization costs at € 300.00 per booking (excluding 21% VAT)

Group activities, which are not included, can be completed as you wish. The price of the packages depends on the location and activities and is available upon request.

It is possible to pay in 2 installments provided the total amount is paid 4 weeks before departure. The cost for a stay in the mid/low season (January to April and October to December) is lower than in high season. In the months of May to September a surcharge applies.

See here the general conditions of Ferragudo Dreams

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