Activities - Make your stay in Ferragudo special

Welcome to Ferragudo Dreams - the perfect partner for an unforgettable workation! With us, everything is about creating a meaningful experience for you and your company. We understand that a good workplace alone is not enough, which is why we work with various partners to offer you a wide range of options. Whether you are looking for professional development or just want to relax and enjoy the beautiful Algarve, we have it all. Come and experience the ultimate workation with Ferragudo Dreams!

Growth and development

  • Create your marketing/sales plan

    € 749,00 p.p

    Our partner Plan to Plan will work with you over the course of 3 half-days to create your marketing and sales plan. The workshop consists of brainstorming sessions but we also get straight to work on the details. (Click on the title for more info). Rates for groups on request.

  • LEF Training

    Price on request

    Is there something you do over and over again? Something you keep saying "next time I'll do it differently" but when you get triggered you fall into your old trap and pattern without realizing it? Our expert Claudia Koehoorn shows you how you can change this (on- or offline)

  • Magic at work

    € 99,00

    The MAGIC method helps you get out of your head and manifest your dreams in 5 steps. It goes further than other methods because you also learn how to say goodbye to limiting beliefs and (energetic) blockages. This is done in a playful way with the bill ceremony in a 3-hour workshop. You will also receive the book 'The Magic Method'. As of 4 persons

  • Financially free

    Price on request

    Workshop on finance and mindset change. Jacco and Janneke vd Brink inspire you to live a financially free life.

  • Personal Strength

    € 75,00 p.p

    The Personal Strength Test incl. a personal analysis by the Personal Power Coach. What is your Power Type and where does your Personal Power lie. On- and offline.

  • Your kickstart to a clear message

    € 77,00 p.p

    Our partner Susan Wind offers a 1-day workshop during the workation in Ferragudo to clarify your corporate message, using the StoryBrand framework. This is a proven communication formula used in thousands of Hollywood movies. You will fully understand how a story works and why it is the most powerful tool to persuade the human brain. Price is from 8 persons. If less people then the price is negotiable.

  • Portuguese (trial) lesson

    Price on request

    Always wanted to know how to reserve a table or book a cab in Portugal? Book a trial lesson and who knows, it might taste like more.

Enjoy and relax

  • Tasting Menu 5-course Ferragudu's Terrace

    € 50,00

    Enjoy a delicious 5-course tasting menu at Ferragudu's Terrace and taste the freshest seafood and enjoy the fine wines.

  • Wine tasting and dinner at Semixo / Edd's

    from € 69,50

    Enjoy a delicious 5 course dinner with a tasting of 5 of Edd's own wines. A dinner with wines from the private selection is subject to a surcharge of € 20,00.

  • Wine tastings

    from € 35,00

    We work with several wineries in the Algarve. Book a wine tasting and tours of your choice. Ask about this at the organization.

  • Photo book of your workation

    from € 39,50

    Our partner "10pics" compiles your memories of your workation into a beautiful visual story.

  • Fit @thebeach

    € 10,00

    An hour of exercise at Praia Grande with Fitbeachpt. Mon, Wed, Fri from 8:45 a.m. and Thu, Fri from 5 p.m.

  • Gym Bricia

    € 10,00

    An hour of exercise in the gym of the Hotel Rural Bricia du Mar. Monday to Friday from 09:00 AM to 18:00 PM

  • Flow Yoga, breathwork & guided meditation

    € 25,00

    Daniela Luz combines this yoga activity with meditation, breathing exercises and guided yoga. Suitable for all levels. Indoors as well as outdoors. Duration 75 minutes.

  • Mindfulness for stress management

    € 30,00

    Implement mindfulness and other relaxation techniques into your daily life, even when you are too busy. This session helps you cope with stress, anxiety and gives more focus. Duration 75 minutes

  • Yoga Nidra (chakra balance session)

    € 35,00

    This chakra balance session calms your nervous system and balances the 7 most important chakras. Ground exercises, breathing exercises, specific yoga exercises and yoga nidra. Duration 90 minutes.

  • Aroma session

    € 69,00

    Individual Aroma session incl. 50 ml pipette bottle. During this session you reconnect with your sense of smell through contact with an extensive fragrance palette of Citrus, fruits, flowers and spices. In this way you discover the fragrances that best fit your life phase and or theme of that moment. Group session price on request.

  • Access Bars session

    € 65,00

    Expert Alexandra Hilbers gives this relaxing energetic session. By light touching of points on the head, thoughts, feelings and emotions are taken away, which stand in the way of you being fully yourself and living your potential. Come experience it and discover what else is possible in your life! Duration: 1 hour

  • Escape Carvoeiro

    from € 50,00

    Puzzle rooms & Outdoor adventures. With your team a puzzle tour through Ferragudo or Carvoeiro using Augmented Reality and special tools.

  • Waterflow Experience

    Price on request

    Various options such as rental of bikes, scooters, paddleboards, skateboards etc,.as well as surf and/or paddleboard lessons and other activities. Materials are delivered to your home and picked up if needed.

  • Wildwatch Tour

    Price on request

    Come spot dolphins or tour the caves by boat.