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Welcome to our unique workation experience in Ferragudo! We believe in customization and understand that everyone has different tastes and desires. That's why we offer several top quality locations in special places. Choose the location that suits you and make your dreams come true! Book your ideal workation spot now and if you need help choosing, we are happy to advise you and find the perfect match. Together we will create this unforgettable work experience!

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Workation GURU

Workation platform

The starting point for your workation: professionals combine work and freedom, escape routine, increase productivity and improve work-life balance. Customized workations ideal for teams, growth and strategy. Become part of the workation revolution!

 Waterflow Experience


Meet Maísa and Daniela, adventurous Algarve ladies. Their love of adventure led to WaterFlow Explore. They started renting sports equipment in 2020, expanded online in 2021 and opened a store in Ferragudo in 2023. Now certified paddle instructors for unforgettable trips, they are committed to sustainability and authentic exploration.

Algarve Bits & Bites

Catering & Lifestyle

In late 2022, Asra Rasheed started Algarve Bits & Bites, her passion project where creativity and food come together. With impressive career in digital innovation, media and entertainment, and experience as an executive at Disney, she is an entrepreneur with deep understanding of business building and growth.

Full Trading


We are launching an exclusive workation artwork line in partnership with Full Trading, experts in printed promotional apparel and corporate gifts. They offer 100% quality control, customer focus and over 35 years of experience.

Carpe Diem Algarve


Wilma Verhoeven of Carpe Diem Algarve, Day Tours & Transfers provides fixed transfers from Faro to Ferragudo and comfortable cab rides in the Algarve. She waits for our guests in the arrival hall of FARO Airport and provides transportation by van or luxury car, including cold water.bottles of delicious cold water are available.

Rotterdam Business Events

Game-based trainings

Rotterdam Business Events offers Game Based Training in the Netherlands and Portugal to make learning fun, make behavior aware and encourage positive results.

Let's Connect Coaching


Diana Steenbeek of Let's Connect uses the Enneagram model for personal development and teamwork, reveals Enneagram types for insight into behavior and decision-making, and promotes understanding in personal and professional relationships.

Aroma Flower Healing


Wicky van Deemter in Ferragudo is an Aroma & Flower Remedy Therapist. She offers customized remedies based on aromas and blossoms for profound personal support and consciousness expansion.

Luz Retreats


Daniela Luz of Luz Retreats is an expert retreat leader, mindfulness mentor, and yoga and meditation teacher. She inspires transformation and evolution through observation, awareness, and self-love.

Follow your Joy


Alexandra Hilbers, intuitive coach and bodyworker, supports conscious entrepreneurs to connect with themselves and nature, and live effortlessly. She promotes conscious BEING and discovery of possibilities.

Susan Wind: StoryBrand guide


Susan Wind, conversion copywriter and certified StoryBrand guide, helps businesses with clear messages to grow faster. Her Ferragudo workshop uses the StoryBrand framework for effective communication and understanding the power of stories.

Plan tot Planning


Daisy van Willigen, owner of Plan tot Planning, helps companies with marketing strategy, coordination and execution. She creates annual plans, websites, social media content and organizes events to enhance the customer journey. Workshops are customized for a relaxed and energetic workation experience.

Jouw Transformatie


Claudia Koehoorn, Transformologist with psychology and experiential expertise, understands both the female and male brain. She shares her personal journey and believes in conscious choices for personal development and creating happiness.

Power for Me


Barbara te Boekhorst, with a background in communication science, inspires professionals to discover their inner power. As a spiritual coach, trainer, speaker and author, she offers during workation a unique 3-hour workshop using the MAGIC method to manifest dreams and release limitations through a playful bill ceremony. Includes her book "The MAGIC Method."

Escape Carvoeiro Puzzle Rooms


Born in Porto and passionate illustrator and designer, Marcelo Sousa moved to the Algarve after meeting his wife. He created a family-friendly escape room and is now expanding to let players explore the Algarve through immersive adventures, merging art and game design.


Algarve Tips

Service / travel website

Jennifer, founder of Algarve Tips, shares the beauty of the Algarve, both summer and winter, on her popular travel website. The site offers accommodations, car rentals and more than 150 activities in the region, as well as restaurant tips and hot spots. Her motto: "Together we are strong!"

Core Busines Manager


Chantal, creator of "ZELFIE" management, is an ambitious entrepreneur and bon vivant with personal growth and success goals. She offers a down-to-earth view of life with a touch of spirituality to show that the right approach leads to success.

Saudades de Portugal

Blogs & Portugal info

Discover Portugal: grilled sardines, fado, exploration, sandy beaches, and port wine. Marlou's website is full of tips for restaurants, sightseeing, accommodations, nature, festivals, recipes, music and more, with a touch of Portuguese in the Netherlands. Para Matar a Saudade!