Our agenda

Below are the upcoming dates for workations. If you want to take your team or company on a different date or longer than a week, please contact me so we can organize it.

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Fall 2023

Starting in September, there is plenty of availability. Each accommodation has fast and stable internet, swimming pool, workspaces and many possibilities to fulfill all your needs. A studio for yourself to a villa for 16; there are many options and very good prices in the fall.


To be supplemented with a group package and/or separate activities. This villa is suitable for up to 16 people

The Wine Experience September/October 2023

At the end of September / beginning of October we organize a special "workation" especially for the wine lover.


The program is as follows:

7 days/6 nights stay in one of the luxurious, comfortable accommodations in Ferragudo. 

5 days to 5 different wineries in the Algarve with tastings, tours, workshops ... a different interpretation at each winery.